MariMed has a portfolio of high quality branded products, product development plans, product packaging, and product licensing opportunities.

Mari Melts

Compact and ultra-slender, each flavored strip dissolves in your mouth and goes to work in seconds with a quick release formula for immediate relief.
Tasty and tote-able, these mouth melting miracles deliver THC or CBD to where your body needs it. Sugar-free, no calories. 


It’s official. Popcorn is the perfect food. Low-calorie, high snackability and now, Kalming buttery bliss without the butter.
Ours is all natural, microwavable, and sprinkled with Pink Himalayan salt, known for its mineral and vibrational qualities and lighter sodium content. Each bag yields 4 cups popped corn.

Kalm Tincture

Serenity in a sip! Two thirst-quenching mixes quickly release the magic of THC or CBD.
Simply add water and enjoy the refreshing flavor of Green Tea Lemonade or Mango Lime Coconut.

Stir and chill.

Chewable Tablets

Mint to freshen you up. Everything else to kalm you down.
Our low-dose chewable tablet is mellow and there when you need it.
Therapeutic menthol is rounded out with wintergreen essence. Keep your breath fresh while you stay cool and kalm.

Betty’s Eddies Fruit Chews

Betty’s Eddies Fruit Chews are handcrafted with the finest all natural ingredients for the best experience.
We use only non-GMO organic fruits and vegetables and naturally extracted THC. Our chews are lactose free, gluten free and naturally preservative free.

Betty’s Eddies Berry Bombs

Betty’s Eddies Berry Bombs feature the same handcrafted goodness of our chews, in a greater dosage.
Made with real cherries, strawberries and blueberries, these treats are infused with naturally extracted THC for a heavenly adventure.

Introducing MariMed’s Kalm Fusion branded line of cannabis-infused products with licensing and manufacturing operations state to state. These all-natural, precisely dosed products let patients enjoy treatment and select the speed at which cannabis THC and CBD therapies are delivered through the body. Kalm Fusion’s products include Mari Melts sublingual strips in three tasty flavors (mint, berry and citrus), low-dose Mari Mints, Kalm Fizzion effervescent tablets, and delicious Kalm-Corn microwave popcorn, all available in THC and CBD formulations.

Cultivators and manufacturing and distribution partners throughout the U.S. are selected based on rigorous standards and requirements so that patients can expect consistent, effective products in their state, grown locally under strict protocols for a superior and precise product every time. Kalm Fusion products go through extensive R&D and multiple layers of internal and 3rd party laboratory testing to ensure consistency and precise dosing in product formulations.

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