MariMed has a strong team of experts from multiple cannabis consulting disciplines to assist you in accelerating the growth of your business.

Whether it is the expansion of your facility or adding a new facility, implementing more efficient grow techniques, expanding your products lines, adding delivery and other services, or you are interested in becoming part of a research network with physicians and medical centers, we have the expertise for you.

Expansion takes planning and investment

Once you have achieved a plateau in the business or have outgrown your space, it is time to look for an experienced team to take you to the next level.

Ready to expand? We offer:

Investment and Financial Support


Business Planning and Financial Modeling

Real Estate Selection and Build out

Operational Systems Expansion


Training and Equipment Guidance on Grow Systems

Product Development Support

Laboratory and Testing Design & Development


Assistance with Permit Process for Expansion


The medical cannabis business is ever changing. It is an emerging industry with considerable regulation, yet it is not legal on a Federal level. The states make the rules and sometimes the rules change. Whether it is a change in the growing rules from “limited” plants to unlimited grow, new rules on testing, or regulations on edibles, MariMed has the procedures to get you from Point A to Point B, without placing undue stress on your current business. With the guidance of cannabis consulting experts who have hands-on marijuana business experience willing to share their knowledge in the cannabis trade, they’ll make the journey easier.

Not only do we keep on top of the regulatory changes as they pertain to you – we help you adapt to the change to ensure ongoing business success.

We offer:

  • Regulatory updates and legal compliance
  • Community outreach
  • Consensus building and local support
  • Operational planning, design and build-out
  • Business planning and financial modeling



Thinking of offering delivery service to your patients but are not quite sure how to do this safely and securely?

Our team has years of experience with pharmaceutical delivery services for the most complex of patients. Our cannabis consulting expertise and system design are offered to our clients to ensure they not only provide the convenience that patients need but also provide the chain of custody of the medical cannabis required by many states – that will be mandated by all in the future.

Our professional services ensure that patients get their medicine when they need it:

  • Online delivery order entry system
  • Online bar coded delivery tracking system
  • Online delivery confirmation system
  • Detailed delivery status and location
  • Routing, tracking, GPS
  • Electronic signature
  • Patient payment systems
  • Online delivery invoice system
  • And much more to stay in compliance with all safety regulations, HIPAA, and state laws


MariMed is leading the way in the advancement of high quality medical cannabis. Not only do we work with our clients to build a strong patient education platform, we work within the community to educate physicians and caregivers on the benefits and outcomes of these vital therapies.

To build your business, effective physician outreach is critical. Physicians are often unaware of the benefits of cannabis therapy or think that the process is too difficult. In addition, the rules can make it difficult for non-cannabis experts to help educate patients on the benefits.

Patients, too, need education and materials to help support their understanding. Similar to traditional pharmaceuticals, medical cannabis comes in many different strains, strengths and modes of administration. Patients need guidance on how to ask the right question and receive the therapy most appropriate for them.

Many medical groups and physicians are also interested in research. We have cannabis  experts that have had lifetime careers in healthcare, pharmacy and with pharmaceutical manufacturers. Our team can help guide you on how to engage these markets and expand the opportunities for your business.

Please contact us for further information.

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