The Top 5 Marijuana Stocks To Watch in 2018

Article originally appeared in High Times titled "The Weed Business Grows Up With Massachusetts-Based MariMed" by Adam Drury published on July 20, 2018. Today, few things seem surer than an investment in cannabis stocks. As legal barriers to cannabis fall in markets...

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Top Ancillary Industries to the Cannabis Sector

With the global cannabis market estimated to be worth $7.7 billion, it’s no surprise that a range of ancillary industries are developing alongside it at a rapid pace. Entrepreneurs from myriad industries are applying their varied experiences to help further innovation...

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Cannabis Trend Report 2018

Here’s What To Look Out For In Tech, Grow Medium, Agriculture & Lighting by Andre F. Bourque It all starts with the plant. Sometimes it’s easy to forget that, if we get caught up in regulation, politics or the consumer aspects of cannabis. But it begins with...

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